Tyvek Event Wristbands



Tyvek® wristbands are perfect for security and crowd control and we sell them as low as $6.95 per 500 wristbands. Stock orders placed before 2pm central time will ship same day giving you the fastest turnaround possible.They are often referred to as paper wristbands, paper bracelets or even paper armbands. However, they do not use or contain paper at all. Tyvek is actually made from Dupont Tyvek material - an increabily strong and light-weight material that won't easily rip or tear. Tyvek was discovered by Dupont way back in 1955 and ever since it's been an ideal material for use where paper simply isn't strong enough.

Our Tyvek event wristbands are water resistant and have a waterproof adhesive to stay on in the water. They are perfect for short-term use at any event and have security diecuts to prevent tampering and multiple use while still being comfortable and easy to put on. Our Tyvek event wristbands come in two sizes, 1 inch width by 10 inches long (Econo-Band Tyvek) and ¾ inch width by 10 inches long (Econo-Band Tyvek ¾").

Duplicate Tyvek wristband are two wristbands with the same 4-digit serial number and contains 250 different serial numbers in each box of 500. Tyvek Voucher bands are wristbands with removable stubs. The Wristband is 1" x 9". Tear off stub is additional 1" x 1". The stub and wristband have a matching serial number.

Need Tyvek Wristands Delivered Next Day?
If you place an order for any stock wristband before 2pm central on a normal buisness day, your bands will ship sameday. If you are located within the U.S. we offer everything from UPS Ground to Next Day Air delivery, so you can have wristbands in your hands the next day!

Tyvek Wristband Printing
We also offer customized Tyvek wristbands that allow you to create your design. Creating Custom Printed Tyvek wristbands allows you to create a completely unique wristband for your event. This can help you run your event smoothly by preventing fraud and still allowing you to have easy crowd control.

Tyvek Event Wristbands
  • Short term use: approximately 1-2 days
  • Sequentially numbered for accountability
  • Waterproof, adjustable adhesive
  • Separate packs may contain different number series
  • Secure, Sticky, tamper resistant, die cut adhesive wristbands
  • Upholds writing with permanent and sharpie marker
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • 500 Tyvek Wristbands per Box