Security Wristbands



Wristband Express provides security wristbands for all situations requiring extra security for as low as $6.95 per pack. Our Tyvek wristbands have die cuts in the adhesive so they are tamper proof wristbands that prevent transfer. Another advantage of tamper proof adhesive wristbands is they will fit any size wrist, just apply the adhesive so the wristband will fit comfortably. Our 1st qualtiy Tyvek wristbands are come numbered which is a great security feature that keeps track of how many wristbands are being handed out and also prevents copy cats or duplicates.

We also offer both plastic and vinyl wristbands that come with a one-time use snap that can only be cut off. Using security wristbands at events allows for instant identification that can prevent underage drinking, unpaid customers from entering and more.

Check out all of our custom options used for security, fun, and creativity. The biggest advantage of custom wristbands is they will be unique to your event.   

We also have a large selection of stock solid colors and designs that are ready to ship at any time.  In-stock bands are shipped within 24 hours of your purchase.  If you order stock wristbands before 3pm Central Monday-Friday they will ship same day.

Security Wristband Uses

  1. Admission Wristbands / Event Entry Wristbands
    • Make sure everyone has paid by using our bands as Entrance Wristbands.
    • Our tamper proof wristands are perfect for events that have restricted access.
  2. VIP Customers
    • Clearly know who should have access to special access areas with VIP Wrisbtands
  3. Age Verified Customers
    • Quickly identify customers who are age appropriate for your event.
  4. Duplicate Numbered Wristbands
    • Can be used as security wristbands for children by matching a parent or guardian with a child
  5. Crowd Control Wristbands