Plastic Wristbands



Plastic wristbands are comfortable, waterproof, stretch-resistant, and are a one time use band.  All of our plastic wristbands use a one-time, locking snap so it cannot be used a second time. These are perfect for extended use and can be used at any event.

We offer an assortment of different solid color plastic wristbands in both 500 counts and 100 counts. If you are looking for something other than solid colors, we stock design plastic wristbands in both regular colors and Holographic colors. These wristbands include Age Verified, VIP, Patriotic and checkered designs.

Plastic Holographic Wristbands really stand out and offer you a unique look. Holographic wristbands come in both solid colors and a VIP design on them. The VIP Holographic plastic wristbands come in both 500 counts and 100 counts.

Our stock wristbands guarantee to ship same day if your order is placed before 3pm Central.

Plastic Wristband Product Details

  • Recommended use: 1 week
  • Comfortable and light weight
  • Stretch-resistant and durable
  • One time use, secure locking plastic snaps
  • Great for extended wear
  • Waterproof and hold up for extended use in water
  • Made in the U.S.A.